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NIKOLAS ART ATHENS P.C. (IKE) is a second generation family firm, founded by Nikolas Georgoudakis, the son of a captain of Kos, where Nikolas spent his childhood. As a child, Nikolas was a talented illustrator and painter and attended his first painting courses during his school holidays.
In the early 60s of last century Nikolas emigrated to Athens and started his professional education as photographer and icon painter, but remained faithful to his hobby as a painter and improved himself continuously.
In the mid-70s Nikolas completed his successful career as a photographer and took his hobby to his new profession. After he was honoured for his oil paintings with several prices, he organized with his wife Mary, who also still works at the company, his first successful exhibitions of oil paintings.
Always looking for new art forms, Nikolas succeeded in the mid-80s a major breakthrough in Greece with his art on ceramic plates: airbrush technique combined with classical brushwork. These plates are still a popular souvenir and have resisted all the imitation of several other producers. Even today, Nikolas Georgoudakis is constantly creating new motifs.
At the beginning of the 1990 years his children Kyrani and Theodoros joined the company. Kyrani is today the owner of the company NIKOLAS ART ATHEN P.C. (IKE).
Around the millennium, a new product line was developed: decorative ceramics, first with Greek motifs of Nikolas, then with new motifs of Kyrani.
Five years later, another product line: decorative tiles and art prints - as always with our own motifs and manufactured by ourselves in Greece. At the same time we opened our show- and salesroom in our own business premises in Athens.
We designed special art programs for hotels and restaurants, where all our products are used. The current production program of Nikolas art Athens is completed by special productions of promotional gifts for companies, fairs and other events.
In addition to the successful global exports, currently more than 100 galleries, gift and flower shops in Greece sell the products of Nikolas art Athens.

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